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best area rug cleaning


Yachymen's carpet cleaning

No carpet anywhere in the house but have a few rugs, no problem. Give us a shout and we can arrange for pick up or drop off.

Need your Area Rugs cleaned, call us now...  (we do pick ups and drop off if needed)

AREA RUG cleaning service

Area Rug Cleaner
Best Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning with Care

Our experts understand just what kind of care an area rug requires. Their experience and expertise in rug cleaning allows them to judge the kind of cleaning methods an area rug entails by simply looking at it.

Our ultimate goal is to try to give your area rug the best clean without any damage to the fibers.

Clean and Ready to Go!

We can tackle almost any kind of stain that the area rug may have whether they are pet stains or even red wine, our rug cleaning methods make sure that the rug is cleaner. We not only clean the rug for you we can even treat it for pests and odours. In fact we can even provide it with the scotch guard treatment to ensure longevity.

Delivered Straight to your Doorstep

We provide rug pick up and drop off services to our customers. If you have an area rug but can’t get it to us, fret not. Give us a call and our technicians will be there in no time to pick it up.

Customers with larger rugs will find this especially convenient because they no longer have to face the hassle of trying to fold the rug into a small space or carrying it for long hours.

Quality Service on a budget!

Rug cleaning services shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and we have been supporters of this philosophy since the beginning. We provide excellent cleaning services for area rugs according to your budget. NOTE: Minimum charge for onsite cleaning is $140. Pickup & Delivery Charge $22

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